• Single-pass, single side, welding of up to ½ inch (12 mm) thick steel
  • Slag removal is not required
  • No need for edge preparations prior to welding


  • Eliminate beveling costs
  • Welding time reduction of over 50%
  • Reducing filler metal use over 50%


Increased Weld Quality

  • Due to speed, metal characteristics hardly changed
  • Heat affected zone is minimal
  • Welding hardness is similar to that of the unaffected base metal

Return of Investment Within Months

  • Higher welding speed increases productivity by more than 50%
  • Lower metal preparation and filler metal requirements reduce overhead
  • Automated welding helps maintain productivity levels – despite the shortage of skilled welders


weldobot Image2


SuperMIG® is Weldobot’s breakthrough, patented welding technology, which successfully unites two widely-used welding processes – Plasma Arc and MIG (GMAW) – into a single, high-performance, cost-effective system.  SuperMIG®
combines the high energy concentration benefits of the plasma arc with the high speed and one-pass welding benefits of the GMAW process – enabling SuperMIG® to significantly outperform conventional welding processes.
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ROI table v1

Welding cost comparison

The following comparison table present the welding cost while using the Weldobot’s SuperMIG compared to other conventional welding processes. The following table presents a sample application – butt welding of 10mm (3/8”) carbon steel, in which the weld length is 8m (26’), the size of the production batch is 1000 units, and the average manpower cost is €40/hour. 


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